Registration and participation in the Dubai Student Council and the Dubai Student Government is open to all students studying at all private or public schools anywhere in the world. Starting with private schools in Dubai, our mission is to create a student-led government at every school, city, and country around the world allowing students to engage in real-life serious work throughout the year at their schools and within their communities. This will create the opportunity for students to practice global citizenship in real life, and to uphold important values, goals and practices that have made Dubai(and the United Arab Emirates) the peaceful and prosperous international society that it is today. Promoting values such as goodwill, tolerance and happiness students will form teams that specialize in every aspect of life. They will share knowledge and experiences by forming a powerful student governments that will transform their schools, societies and the world.
Registration and participation in this powerful extracurricular educational program comes free of any charges or fees to students, parents, and schools. This is remarkable collective effort that is a collaboration among private schools in Dubai, which are by far the best schools in the world, but will eventually include all schools in the United Arab Emirates and the world!

Students who wish to participate may register here:

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