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Welcome to the Dubai Top 100 Youth Leadership Program

Welcome to the official website of the Regime Nutrition and Fitness Advisors that manages the Dubai Top 100 Youth Leadership Programme, the Dubai Student Council, and the School Governments platform!

We bring together students registered at private and public schools worldwide to deliver a first of its kind global citizenship education program derived from the international social and economic model that has made Dubai and the United Arab Emirates an oasis of prosperity, peace, harmony, happiness, tolerance where more than 120 nationalities coexist. 

Additionally, our programmes offer students residing in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, as well as international students residing anywhere in the world, the opportunity to participate in international leadership camps, language and cultural exchange camps, and health and fitness camps run throughout the year and during the summer school holidays in DubaiLondon, Madrid, and Switzerland.



Dubai Student Council:


International Full Boarding Camps running July and August 2017: 

Dubai Educational School and Camp -  Summer 2017

Dubai Weight Loss Camp -  Summer 2017

Dubai Leadership Camp -  Summer 2017

Lebanon Mountain Camp -  Summer 2017

London Leadership Camp and Conference -  Summer 2017

Student Leaders, Councils, and Governments Summer Conference and Tour - Rome/Umbria 2017

 Italy SuperCamp -  Summer 2017

Madrid Fitness Camp -  Summer 2017

Switzerland Summer School and Camp -  Summer 2017


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Contact details: Tel: +9714 3902425 ,  24Hrs Mob/Whatsapp: +971506884675

Fax: +9714 4477450, Email: info@dubaitop100.com


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