London Summer School and Camp 2018

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Building on our success in Dubai, United Arab Emirates over the past 17 years, we offer a residential summer school and camp in London, the United Kingdom in partnership with our UK operator. Boys and girls of all nationalities have the opportunity to expand on their experience with us by participating in our Dubai residential camp or our London residential camp or both! Students registered for the London camp remain under the watchful eye and in the care of our Third Parents throughout their stay in the UK and until their safe return home. Participants also enjoy the added option of travelling together in a group to London from Dubai and back accompanied by our Third Parents.



The London Summer Camp


Our camp in the United Kingdom is located at the stunning campus of St. Mary’s University College in the safe settings of the affluent neighborhood of Strawberry Hill in southwest London, close to the river Thames and a stone’s throw away from Richmond. Founded in 1850, the campus boasts traditional buildings that encompass modern, state-of-the art facilities that in 2012 hosted many teams for the London Olympics and thus meet the highest standards of quality, security, and safety.



Boarding Facilities


As is typical of our Dubai standards, student accommodation has been arranged in safe and secure on-campus dormitories, with round-the-clock supervision by a specialist team of educators, to ensure a safe, enhanced experience of camp-life in a miniature society based on friendship and family spirit. Just like our summer camp in Dubai, the London camp is managed and supervised by educators in addition to our Third Parents that will be escorting students from the Dubai camp to the London camp as an added option. These specialist teachers become akin to ‘Third Parents’ to their students, living with them, catering to their day-to-day needs, and providing them with a support program that emphasizes character-building and empowerment. The camp is distinguished for its progressive and unique concept of Third Parent, and its educators apply the fundamental ‘caring’ aspect to all students.



Daytime Language Classes


Our London camp offers an academic program designed to improve the English language skills of its campers. Daily daytime classes are held for twenty lessons per week. The program offers a task-based syllabus, which has been designed in order to present new language in addition to consolidating learners’ existing knowledge. The topics chosen for each project have been meticulously selected to ensure that learners are actively stimulated throughout the course, whilst having ample opportunities to utilize the language in both controlled and freer practice sessions. Each lesson will focus on a communicative approach developing learners’ productive and receptive skills.



Recreational Activities, Competitive Leagues, and Trips


During the day and evenings, the camp offers students a vibrant program that includes poetry fairs, art shows, science exhibitions, games, competitive league sports, painting and artwork, music and singing, computer and technology clubs and much more. Weekly visits are organized to leisure and cultural locations around London and the neighboring towns with weekend trips to other parts of United Kingdom.



Visit Visa facilities for International Students


Through our local partnership, we offer students residing outside the United Kingdom the opportunity to visit London to attend its summer camp by facilitating their entry into the United Kingdom and arranging visit visas for the duration of their enrollment period.



Enrollment Period


The camp will run for the duration of summer. Parents may select any number of the following sessions to enroll their boys or girls, as follows:

Session A: Duration of 2 weeks-    From July 8th, 2018(Arrival) to July 22nd, 2018(Departure).

Session B: Duration of 2 weeks-    From July 22nd, 2018(Arrival) to August 5th, 2018(Departure).

Session C: Duration of 2 weeks -    From August 5th, 2018(Arrival) to August 19th, 2018(Departure).



Age Groups


Enrollment in our Summer School and Camp-London, United Kingdom is open to boys and girls of the ages of 12 to 17 years. Students will be divided into their respective age groups, each having its individually designed program.





Full boarding fees are AED11,850/-per session (2 weeks) 

Includes schooling fees, accommodation, meals, weekday activities and trips, excursions, laundry, administrative expenses etc.

Escorted Camp Option: Additional AED2,750/-per session (This is an optional upgrade). Applies to those students who wish to travel escorted by C-Pi  Third Parents from Dubai to London and back.



Admission Procedure & Requirements

The following are required for admission to the London camp:

a) A completed application form (Click here to download the application form).

b) A copy of student's passport

To apply please submitted a completed application form and a copy of the applicant's passport by email to: info@dubaitop100.com