Dubai Residential Educational Summer Camp 2018

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For more than a decade now, we have devoted our campus to serve as an International Summer School and Camp in Dubai. Attracting students from all over the world, the summer program is designed to provide a foundation course for students who wish to continue their schooling with us, or simply allow students to enjoy a productive and joyful summer holiday in unique boarding settings. On offer is a combination of daily morning classes, afternoon sporting activities, evening trips, and weekend excursions ensuring a memorable summer for all. The program runs from of a world-class 1.2 million square feet campus facility with 52 state-of-the-art classroom suites, 20 laboratories, a 280-seat conference hall, sophisticated sports and recreation complex, 2 fully equipped restaurants, 4 cafeterias, in addition to a 260-room on-campus residence that includes 3 student hostel buildings.



Boarding Facilities

You never forget your first- or your last- day at school. Summer camp is no different. Weeks spent learning about friendship and independence are never easily erased and remain unequalled as a wealth of experience and memories that last a lifetime. And in practical terms, students have much to gain from living amongst their teachers and peers in terms of standards of self-discipline and social development that are rarely achieved at day school. The camp offers students residing within the United Arab Emirates, as well as those from abroad, the option of staying on campus in dormitories that meet the highest standards of safety and security, allowing them to make the most of their time while being cared for and supervised around the clock by a team of highly trained educators. Typical of Dubai, our boarding facilities are considered to be among the best in the world with no more than two students sharing a room each with an ensuite bathroom, television offering satellite channels (centrally monitored and controlled), fridge and safe. Additionally every dormitory has its own common room with seating area, computers for internet access, television for common viewing and a kitchenette for healthy snacks.



Morning Classes

Morning classes are held for four lessons on a daily basis, Sunday through Thursday. Students may choose from a variety of academic subjects, with courses designed either to solidify and strengthen their knowledge structure through a revision of material studied at school during the current academic year, or to provide them with a head-start on material that will be covered at school the following academic year. Students may also take advantage of our reputed Accelerated Foundation Courses in English and Math. These specially designed modules are geared at boosting skills in both these subjects effectively. Alternatively students may opt for extra-curricular courses that will enhance their general knowledge and expand their interests. All courses are conducted by teams of teachers that specialize in British, American, and international curricula. Please refer to Section I of the application form for a listing of subjects offered.



Recreational Activities, Competitive Leagues, and Trips

During the afternoon, the camp offers students a vibrant program that includes poetry fairs, art shows, science exhibitions, games, competitive league sports (basketball, swimming, horse-riding etc), painting and artwork, music and singing, computer and technology clubs and much more. During the evenings, visits are organized to leisure and cultural locations around Dubai with weekend trips to other parts of the United Arab Emirates.



Visit Visa facilities for International Students

The camp offers students residing outside the United Arab Emirates the opportunity to visit Dubai to attend the program by facilitating their entry into the United Arab Emirates and arranging visit visas for the duration of their enrollment period.



Enrollment Periods

The camp will run for the duration of summer. Parents may select any number of the following sessions to enroll their boys or girls, as follows:

Session A: Duration of 3 weeks -      From July 1st, 2018 to July 19th, 2018.

Session B: Duration of 3 weeks -       From July 22nd, 2018 to August 9th, 2018.

Session C: Duration of 3 weeks -       From August 12th, 2018 to August 30th, 2018.



Age Groups

Enrollment is open to boys and girls of the ages of 7 to 17 years. Students will be divided into their respective age groups, each having its individually designed program.




Full boarding fees are AED10,850/- per session (3 weeks)

Includes schooling fees, accommodation, meals, weekday activities and trips, weekend trips, laundry, administrative expenses etc.


Admission Procedure & Requirements


The following are required for admission to the summer camp:

a) A completed application form ( Click here to download the application form )

b) A copy of the student's passport

To apply please submitted a completed application form and a copy of the applicant's passport by email to: info@dubaitop100.com.


Contact details: Tel: +9714 3902425 ,  24Hrs Mob/Whatsapp: +971506884675

Fax: +9714 4477450, Email: info@dubaitop100.com


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