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Welcome to the Dubai Top 100 Student Leadership Program

Welcome to the website of the Dubai Top 100 Student Leadership Program! The program offers students aged 8 to 17 years from across the Middle East and North Africa region membership in the Dubai Student Council, participation in local and international school holiday camps, and involves them in unique cultural and social initiatives of significant impact on student life with focus on leadership, education, science, health, technology, management, recreation and innovation.


Summer Holiday Camps running in June, July, and August 2016: 

Dubai Day Educational Camp -  Summer 2016

Dubai Residential Educational Camp -  Summer 2016

Dubai Residential Weight Loss Camp -  Summer 2016

London Residential Educational Camp -  Summer 2016

Brighton Summer School and Football Camp -  Summer 2016

Boston Summer School and Camp -  Summer 2016

Switzerland Summer School and Camp -  Summer 2016


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Past Initiatives:

Dubai Educational Spring School Holiday Camp - March/April 2016

Dubai Happiness Festival Camp - March/April 2016

Dubai Weight Loss Spring School Holiday Camp and Festival - March/April 2016




Dubai School Parade 2015:

On November 3, 2015, the force behind this City-School model was realized with the first ever School Parade: A Show of Love and Appreciation for His Highness Sheikh Mohammed the Ruler of Dubai. Coming from more than 108 international schools, more than 12,000 students from 100 different nationalities lined the path for His Highness at Dubai's Creek Park for nearly a mile! Held in conjunction with the UAE Flag Day celebrations, the parade was an unprecedented emotional show of support for the UAE leadership's humanitarian efforts and in special appreciation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed for setting an example for a brilliant yet humble leader that remains in touch not only with his peoples in Dubai and the UAE, but a significant force of good for people across the world. A perfect role model for children across the world. A model that sets the standards for Dubai Top 100 students across the world!




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